Real Lemon Sour 2023 Autumn & Grass

Well, this time too, it's a report on Fall 2023, which was created in November 2023.

Autumn is all about green lemons. This year, they are a little later than usual, and some of them are turning slightly yellow.

This is how you soak it in alcohol. Simple.

As I wrote in the product overview, I thought it was especially delicious this year.

I think this sake was probably distilled last year or a little before, so it's probably the Ryugujo lot that Tomita fermented without using much yeast. I haven't checked it carefully though.

Naturally fermented shochu tends to have a gentler sweetness than other types, giving it a warm and mellow impression. You can feel that sweetness in this drink as well. It has a slight barley flavor and a fragrant taste, making it a gentle lemon sour that gives you a taste of the characteristics of the original liquor.

Personally, I prefer eating in the fall.


Usually, autumn gives the impression of being lacking in flavor strength and sweetness and sourness compared to spring, but by creating characters like this, I hope that people will be able to enjoy the drinking scenes and impressions that are completely different.

At the same time, we also make plants. Guava, shell ginger, and lemongrass are pickled here. The plant in the photo is a floating shell ginger.

The species of shell ginger, or Kumtakeran, is slightly different from that in Okinawa, and is called by this name. By the way, it is often used as a medicine, a talisman, or something pure.


We recommend mixing this herb with tonic.

I will introduce the producer, Amaja Herb, somewhere!