Orders and Products

Q: How much is shipping?
A. For delivery within Japan, we charge a flat rate of 800 yen (tax included). For delivery to remote islands, Okinawa Prefecture, and overseas, we may charge an additional fee.

Q: Can I purchase by bank transfer?
A. We do not accept bank transfers. There are five payment methods: credit card (online payment), Amazon Pay (credit card), PayPal (credit card), Shop Pay, and Google Pay.

Q: Can I get gift wrapping done?
A. We do not offer gift wrapping. We may do so someday.

Q: I'm worried about whether it tastes good.
A. It's heavenly delicious.

Q. For example, how many drinks can you get from one 500ml bottle?
A. Please read this blog post for information on how to use and drink it.

Q. I would like to have a receipt included with the product. Is that possible?
A. Due to system restrictions, we cannot include the receipt in your order. However, we have included the receipt in the order completion email so that you can download it from there.

Regarding delivery

Q. Can you tell me the delivery company?
A. Domestic deliveries will be made by Yamato Transport, and international deliveries will be made by FedEx (some areas overseas are not covered).

Q. Can I change the shipping address?
A. As soon as the order is completed, the delivery information is handed over from our company to the delivery company, so it is difficult to respond. At around 4:00 p.m. every business day, the delivery completion slip number will be emailed to the registered address. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the delivery company yourself.

Q: How many days will it take for the product to arrive?
A. Generally, we will ship your order within 2 business days. It depends on the delivery address, but for domestic delivery, it will take about 1-2 days from the shipping date (excluding remote islands).
For overseas orders, delivery will usually take approximately 2 weeks after ordering, although this varies depending on the country and shipping conditions.
*Delivery services are closed on Sundays, public holidays, and during the New Year holidays.

Q. I would like to specify a delivery date and time.

apologize to those in Okinawa and remote islands, but please specify the arrival date from 7 business days after the purchase date.

Q. The product has not arrived at the specified date and time.
A. Even if you specify a delivery date and time, arrival may be delayed due to traffic conditions on the day.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the delivery company regarding the status of your package after it has been shipped.

Q. Can I have the items I ordered separately shipped together?
A. Products are shipped per order. If you need multiple items at once, please place multiple orders at once.

Q. Can I redeliver a parcel that was returned because I was unable to receive it?
A. If you are unable to receive your book due to personal reasons and it has been returned to us after the storage period has expired, you can do either of the following: Please contact us at [ info@openbooklab.com ].

・You will pay the shipping fee again and we will ship the item to you.
・In the event of a cancellation, we will process a refund excluding shipping charges and warehouse fees (10% of the product price).

About SNS and email newsletters

Q: What are the official LINE and email newsletter?
A. It is a LINE distribution service that allows you to receive the latest information such as new item arrival information as soon as possible. Please register here .

Q: I would like to cancel it.
A. You can change or unsubscribe from the email newsletter on your My Page.

Q: What is the difference between email newsletters and LINE?
A. Product updates, article publications, special offers, etc. are the same in both the email newsletter and LINE, but we also have original content that is only available on LINE, including videos and photos.

About logging in

Q.I forgot my login password.
A. Please enter your registered email address in the "Forgot your password?" form and submit it. A notification email will be sent to your registered email address.

Receiving emails

Q. I haven't received the order confirmation email or shipping confirmation email.
A. After you complete your order, we will always send you an "order confirmation email." If you do not receive an email from us after placing your order, please check the following:

・Is the email address you registered correct?
- Check whether you have specified domain reception settings
・Check if the email has arrived in your spam folder
- Check whether the registered email address is an email address that does not comply with RFC regulations. Examples of email addresses that are not RFC compliant
*If there is a period (.) before the @ symbol
*When there are consecutive periods (.) before the @ symbol
*If the string contains anything other than half-width alphanumeric characters and some symbols (!, #, $, %, &, *, etc.) If you have checked the above and have not received your email, please contact us at [ info@openbooklab.com ].

Returns Policy

Q. The product I received was defective. What should I do?
A. If you receive a defective product or a product different from the one you ordered, we will exchange or return the product.
We will guide you through the process, so please contact our customer service department at [ info@openbooklab.com ] with your [order number, situation, and photos showing the condition of the product] .
We will cover the shipping costs for the return.
*If the item is in stock, we will exchange it. If it is sold out, we will refund you.
*As a general rule, we will refund any items shipped overseas.
*If inspection finds no defects, we will return the product to the customer, cash on delivery. We cannot accept exchanges or returns in the following cases:
・If more than 8 days have passed since arrival ・Used products ・Products that have been modified or customized by the customer ・Products that have acquired odors, stains or scratches while in the customer's possession ・Products that are significantly different in condition at the time of return from when they were delivered ・Products that have been soiled, damaged, lost or discarded ・Products that are significantly different in condition at the time of return from when they were delivered


Q. I am sending this to someone else as a gift, so I would like the price to be hidden and I do not want an invoice included.
A. In principle, we send the invoice by email and the price is not revealed. Please rest assured.