OPEN BOOK Lemonade Syrup/Large(500ml)

OPEN BOOK Lemonade Syrup/Large(500ml)

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The expiration date is a full year. Please enjoy the long life of lemon sour.

The capacity is 500ml.
Please note that the bottle design has been changed and may appear different from the product image.

[What is OPEN BOOK Syrup?]

This product is a commercial version of OPEN BOOK's secret sauce, a syrup that is so similar to the one sold in the store that it is almost identical to the one sold in the store.
Mix it with shochu to make a delicious lemon sour, or just mix it with soda to make a non-alcoholic lemon squash.
Mix it with hot water to make a lemonade perfect for the winter. Mix it with beer to make a beer cocktail called Panache. You can also mix it with gin or rum to make a delicious drink!

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