Kusaki Lemon Sour (Autumn 2022)
Kusaki Lemon Sour (Autumn 2022)
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Kusaki Lemon Sour (Autumn 2022)

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Lemon sour made from herbs that were pickled last fall.

I thought that herbs would go well with the bitterness of autumn, so I added lemongrass, lemon barbera, and kumatake orchid (commonly known as shell ginger) that grow wild in Amami. Please note that the ingredients in the bottles may differ slightly. For the base of the flavor, I steeped guava leaves, known as Banjiro tea, in the tank to adjust the flavor.

This drink also has a distinctive bitter taste, so we recommend mixing it with tonic or something similar, rather than just soda!

To solder the lid, I used natural beeswax and dyed it with leftover leaves (lighter color).

The label is made with the usual Nao hand-sewn washi paper from Saga.

The herbs are from Yamagoya Herb Amaja (thank you for the wonderful herbal tea!). I asked the Japanese Herbal Research Institute if I could use the name, and they said it was okay.

The base is a real lemon sour that I made in the fall (the following is a template).


"Real Lemon Sour" is a liqueur made just for lemon sour.

OPEN BOOK's Lemon Sour has been commercialized as a liqueur.

Everything is handmade with great care, and no preservatives, flavorings, artificial sweeteners, or colorings are used (it goes without saying). It is made on Amami Oshima Island for one week with the cooperation of Tomita Sake Brewery.

We peeled 200 kilos of lemons, soaked them in shochu that we blended for this purpose, and mixed it with Open Book's original syrup. Just mix it with soda and you can enjoy Open Book's Lemon Sour (or maybe even more).

The lemons used are the Viafranca variety, produced by citrusfarms Tatemichiya, located in Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Mix it with soda in a 1:3-4 ratio to enjoy Open Book's lemon sour. Serve with a sliced ​​lemon. Of course, you can make it as strong as you like. On the rocks, too. On cold days, we also recommend mixing it with hot water for a hot lemon sour.

One bottle of Real Lemon Sour makes about 12 cups of lemon sour in standard glasses.

After opening, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator, but it can be stored at room temperature as long as it is not stored in a very hot or humid place. Since the alcohol content is 30%, you can enjoy it without worrying about the storage period.

*Due to the rising cost of raw materials, we have increased the prices of some products. Thank you for your understanding.

Products usually arrive within 2-3 business days of ordering.
(If you are on an outlying island, it will take a little longer.)