OPEN BOOK Lemonade Syrup/Small (200ml)

OPEN BOOK Lemonade Syrup/Small (200ml)

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The most convenient size is 200ml. Perfect for trying out or as a gift.

Makes approximately 7 cups.


[What is OPEN BOOK Syrup?]

This product is a commercial version of OPEN BOOK's secret sauce, a syrup that is so similar to the one sold in the store that it is almost identical to the one sold in the store.
Mix it with shochu to make a delicious lemon sour, or just mix it with soda to make a non-alcoholic lemon squash.
Mix it with hot water to make a lemonade perfect for the winter. Mix it with beer to make a beer cocktail called Panache. You can also mix it with gin or rum to make a delicious drink.

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(If you are on an outlying island, it will take a little longer.)